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Fallen angel? Try risen demon. Acadia Mills has been sent to perform very serious tasks. Part of the prophecy that predicts the end of the world, Acadia must .
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If you launch into the wilderness of Labrador in , hoping to win fame as a young journalist, how far will you court starvation in order to succeed? We all begin journeys thinking we know where we're going. We seldom do. Yet the particular path of every life springs from the way in which an individual bends, breaks, or masters the larger movements of the day. As a historian, retracing such journeys provides a singular pleasure, akin to riding the unpredictable currents of a river from the turbulent headwaters to its final outwash in the sea. He received his Ph. It was on Mount Carmel that fire was called down to prove that Yahweh was the true God cf.

It was there that the false prophets were defeated cf. Though the text and meaning of this fragment is far from clear it has been argued that "We must therefore think of the Messiah landing at Acco Ptolemais as the nearest point of entry to the NT battlefield of Armageddon.

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In an address delivered at Stanford University in October he is reported to have stated,. We are on the eve of the battle of Armageddon, referred to in the 16th chapter of Revelation. The time is two years hence, when only a spark will set aflame the whole of Europe. The social unrest in all countries, the growing religious skepticism antecedent to the millennium are already here.

Only a spark will set aflame the whole of Europe as is prophesied in the verses of Daniel and in the Book [Rev. The first world war initiated something of a concrete "Armageddon. Since Megiddo is not far distant from the foot of Mt.

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Carmel, it could also be taken to be indicative of the Mt. Carmel" against the forces of irreligion. Our swords are the words of love and life. Our armaments are the invisible armaments of Heaven. We are fighting against the forces of darkness. O my soldiers, my beloved soldiers!

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Have no fear of defeat; do not have failing hearts. From the heights of glory he is directing the dramatic engagement.

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He commands us! Rush foward! Show the strength of your arms. Ye shall scatter the forces of ignorance. Your war confers life; their war brings death.

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Your war is the cause of the illumination of all mankind. Your war means victory upon victory. Their war is defeat upon defeat The darkness of error that hath enveloped the East and the West is, in this most great cycle, battling with the light of Divine Guidance. Its swords and its spears are very sharp and pointed; its army keenly bloodthirsty.

Echoing the Armageddon scenario he, with almost Churchillian rhetoric, wrote the following in in "The Challenging Requirements of the Present Hour":.

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The stage is set. The hour is propitious. The signal is sounded.

The initial clash between the forces of darkness and the army of light The Author of the Plan that has set so titanic an enterprise in motion is Himself mounted at the head of these battalions, and leads them on to capture the cities of mens' hearts. An Armageddon scenario has continued after world war I. This terrible war could be viewed as having had continuing ramifications on into world war II and beyond.

In a letter addressed to the national spiritual assembly of the United States and Canada a year or so before the outbreak of world war II dated 5 July , Shoghi Effendi reckoned the years ahead "pregnant" in the light of " The twin processes of internal disintegration and external chaos" which were being "accelerated" daily and "inexorably moving towards a climax.

The time of the end', 'the latter years', as foretold in the Scriptures, are at long last upon us. This terrible war is referred to in its opening lines as "A tempest, unprecedented in its violence, unpredictable in its course" and "catastrophic in its immediate effects. The two world wars do not, in Shoghi Effendi's viewpoint, close the period of apocalyptic "calamity. We have no indication of exactly what nature the [coming] apocalyptic upheaval will be; it might be another war. It would be perhaps impossible to find a nation or people not in a state of crisis today.

The materialism, the lack of true religion and the consequent baser forces in human nature which are being released, have brought the whole world to the brink of probably the greatest crisis it has ever faced or will have to face. While most notably in the late s and early s he both wrote and spoke of terrible, cataclysmic trials to afflict humanity and destabilise humankind, [53] he nonetheless articulated a variety of possible futures which may or may not be realised.

Futurology and "prophecy" involves multiple possible futures. Scores of conflicts currently afflict humanity along with many tokens of international co-operation and reconciliation. Apocalyptic trials have afflicted humanity for most of the 20th century; a century of "light" progress as well as a century of terrible "darkness" calamity. Current and increasing globalisation, is furthermore, both renewing and destabilising. Human history is fundamentally for the furtherance of the unity in diversity of humankind. It recognises various underlying dimensions of "catastrophe"; such as human activities revolving around materialism; racism and excessive nationalism.

The decadent state of aspects of contemporary society may be seen to be an aspect of the end-time "catastrophe. Whether or not the many "catastrophes" currently afflicting humanity will precipitate yet another major war is something that cannot be predicted. It is, in fact, only in Revelation that the millennium is explicitly mentioned in the Bible as a period which follows the virtual destruction of evil see Rev.


It presupposes the reign of the returned Christ and is usually thought to precede the realisation of the "new heaven" and "new earth" prophesied in Revelation ff. The historical placing of the millennium in the complex, multi-faceted eschatological scheme of events has led to a number of theories three of which have come to be labelled as: 1 premillennialism, 2 amillennialism and 3 postmillennialism. These varieties of millenarianism all have devout evangelical adherents today and may be briefly and sketchily summed as follows:.

This view was dominant in the early Christian centuries being articulated by Papias d. The millennium of Rev. Becoming dominant after the conversion of the Roman Emperor Constantine d. There then follows the return of Christ and the resurrection and final judgement. This perspective was espoused by many 19th Protestant century Christian millennial factions.

Other Christians, including the erudite Origen d. This to some degree, for example, foreshadows the existentially oriented interpretation of New Testament eschatology by the great Marburg theologian Rudolf Bultmann , in which the individual encounters the end-time not as the goal of cosmological history, but by virtue of an openness towards the future in the present. Notice particularly, my children, the significance of he finished them in six days [Gen.