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Even though you cannot ask for an email address before somebody watches your videos, you can, on the other hand, ask for an email address below your video and also through clickable links during and after playing the video. You can refer to a freebie in the podcast itself and also in the show notes.

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Some podcasters have a new freebie for every single episode and others have a general freebie for a whole season. Before you start a podcast think carefully about the commitment as your listeners will expect you to have a new episode every week. Facebook Groups continue to grow in popularity and I bet you are already in several groups yourself.

I regularly share blog posts and freebies in my group to give my audience value and I also interact daily with the members. It does take time but is a great way to get to know your audience and nurture your community before asking for the sale. A good freebie is representative of and a valuable sample or demo of your product or service. You want to over-deliver on your free content so that people are willing to pay you for your paid content.

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Too many entrepreneurs worry about giving away too much free content but that worry is rarely warranted. You may not think that is very smart but here you are reading about him in my blog post which is basically free advertisement for him. That is clever marketing!! Whatever your freebie is, it should be easily consumable for self-study.

My original idea was to help online entrepreneurs create solid business plans that would lead to more profitable businesses — and faster. I realized I needed to offer them something they felt they needed more right now. So I offered training on how to set up an email marketing system, how to create Facebook ads, how to increase conversions on landing pages etc.

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I was good at the technology and could teach people what they wanted to learn. Another example is how my webinar checklist became my ultimate freebie. When I did my first webinar in July , I realized how many little tasks I had to do to set up my webinar, run it and send out the replay. I started to write down all the tasks in order to be able to outsource this process to a virtual assistant.

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After about 5 webinars my list had become quite detailed and as I realized later, very valuable to others who were just starting out with webinars. Finally, the ultimate freebie not only gives people what they really want and would be willing to pay for but also has the right timing. By watching trends and being a first-mover on new social media channels or with new technology, you have the opportunity to create freebies in a niche that no one has a good freebie in yet — and that is then your ultimate freebie.

I created a funnel where people who signed up had to wait until Christmas day to access the first webinar and they would then receive a new webinar each day for the following 11 days. Most of my trainings are 1-hour long and I share a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff too. And you can sign up by clicking on the image below now.

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  4. The sales are in the follow-up. Once someone has signed up for your freebie, you need to follow up and nurture your audience. You want to nurture your new subscriber with more content. Then after a time, you test their readiness for purchase to take it to the next step with smaller programs.

    This is key for a long-term relationship. What is a freebie? What types of freebies are there? Checklist Checklists are great for any type of process that requires a number of repeatable tasks or steps. E-Books can include all kinds of content: a how-to guide that may also include a checklist like described above but more detailed than a simple checklist.

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    In online business, you need a freebie as an essential part of your sales funnel. Infographic Sometimes it is difficult to present information in words, audio or video and it is best displayed with an infographic. This is a fantastic gift for your loved ones; just upload your favourite pictures of you together and they will cherish it forever.

    Or you could put their children or pets on Schluter are giving away FREE t-shirts to tilers - just sign up to be a free member! They're the UK's market-leading in tiling systems, so you'll also get access to over 10, innovative tiling products. ITV are giving away , BeKind keyrings!

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    7. They've launched these as part of this year's Anti-Bullying week. Pukka are giving away FREE tea sets! Pukka are well known for their delicious selection of organic teas, so if you love a herbal cuppa then you're in for an absolute treat with this freebie. Just sign up with your details to get started. They'll then send Head over to Winebuyers and enter their competition for the change to win an incredible case of 6 wines from all over the world! This bundle includes exquisite red, white and sparkling bottles from Georgia to China, to France and Croatia.

      PoundToy have an incredible clearance sale on at the moment, with lots of toys, stickers and more available for just pennies! These little gifts would make fabulous stocking fillers.

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      Muscle Foods have an incredible secret offer going on today! This includes two meat hampers and one ready meal hamper which are delicious, btw! Just pay Fancy giving it a go? Check back everyday for new UK freebies, special offers and discount vouchers. About Us How It Works? Join our freebies newsletter!